Amazing string bass teacher - superb student motivator and extraordinary player himself. He was a former student in my MS orchestra program in Richardson ISD, and after moving on to HS, and then on to university, he would come back to my school and teach my MS bassists. He's been teaching for many years with consistent stellar results. I know when I have a student studying with him, they will progress technically very rapidly and the best part - the tone quality he is able to get from his students is so very mature and gorgeous. Not only is he a top notch teacher, and player, he is kind, supportive, and very encouraging to his students. If you are lucky enough to study bass with Daniel Nix, you will reach your potential and then some.

-Angie Cimbalo, Orchestra Director

Mr. Nix is an excellent teacher who radically changed my approach for the bass. Learning with him held me to a higher standard of playing and work ethic and I would not have gotten into Baylor’s Bass Studio without his help. Daniel Nix has a way of diagnosing technical, motivational, and mental roadblocks to progress and addressing these needs of the given student in effortless fashion. There was never lack of a challenge nor inspiration for progress with him and even as I return from university on breaks I will continue to take lessons with him for there is still so much I can learn.

- David Folks, Student

Daniel Nix is more than a bass teacher. He is a mentor, friend, and champion for his students. I started lessons with him as an unconfident musician and average bass player, yet after taking lessons with him throughout high school, I am now confident about my skills, achieved more than I could’ve imagined, and I have even decided to pursue a music major at SMU. Where I am now as a musician can be directly linked to the time and effort he put into me as a person and musician, which is a testimony to the dedication he has to his students.


Not only that, but Daniel also takes the time to understand his students’ goals and does his best to make sure those goals are attained while the student is also pushed to reach above and beyond their potential. Early in my lessons, I let him know that I wanted to do pre-med in college while also somehow continuing my music, whether it was with a local orchestra or within the college. Not once did he let my goal deter him from pushing me to be a top musician in North Texas even though, at the time, I was not seriously considering continuing music after high school. Now, thanks to his persistence for pushing me as a musician, my musical achievements as a three-year All Stater, five-year GDYO musician, and more have actually made me eligible for a large amount of scholarships, and I will be majoring in Music Therapy with a pre-med track thanks to the advice and musical focus he shared with me.


Even though I’m a little sad at our lessons ending as I transition to college, I’m very thankful for the wonderful experience and growth I’ve had with him as my teacher. I have full confidence that his students will excel, which has been proved repeatedly. Anyone who takes with him will see that his patience and determination for his students’ success is second to none and will definitely achieve more than imagined.

-Cela Patras, Student 

We started our lessons with Daniel Nix, when Cela had just finished 7th grade since her previous teacher moved out of state. That year, Cela spent three months in India, due to family illness, and had not “touched” her bass. Cela had got first chair in All Region the previous year, and as a “pushy” mom, I was concerned that she wouldn’t make All Region the year she got back from India since many of her peers had gone way ahead of her. It was at this time Daniel Nix became Cela’s teacher. 


Daniel brought Cela up to par. What I appreciated very much was that he did not turn around and pressure Cela. Instead, he worked with her and made the lessons a very educative and an enjoyable time for Cela. In 9th grade Cela started the International Baccalaureate program. As high school progressed, the stress from the program was evident to see. During this time, the bass lessons were something she looked forward to, every week, to relax and learn. I loved driving back home with her after the lessons as I would hear her talk about the things she learned and the enjoyable time she had. 


As a parent, watching her go through her bass classes with Daniel, I learned that my daughter learns better in an environment that expects excellence and also gives her a positive experience. Under Daniel, without the pressure to perform, Cela made All Region each year and All State the last three years of high school. She loved playing her instrument so much that she was also a part of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra and played with the Stonebriar Community Church orchestra. We are very grateful to Daniel for not just helping her to be an excellent bass player, but also making the upright bass an instrument she loved.  

- Shalini Patras, Parent

Daniel Nix is an outgoing and prestigious teacher. He is strict and pushes his students, but only because he sees potential and wishes for progress every lesson. Mr. Nix is also a very friendly and open person which makes for a very comfortable and fruitful session each lesson spent. To obtain a worthwhile lesson from a highly viewed and rated professional bassist, just remember to keep up the practice! 

-Aidan Driscoll, Student

Are you looking for a bass teacher? Bass is the boss and foundation of the orchestra! 


Recipe for Bassist Success-

Take one good person that is a teacher-talented, hard working, dedicated, motivating and motivated, passionate and professional,

+ Add the bass as the instrument of choice

+ Add a student with potential

If you are looking for a bass teacher, you may have the perfect balance and blend of the makings of another great bassist! Perhaps this applies to you or your student.


I have known Daniel Nix since he was in Junior High as a student and was switched over to bass from violin!  It has been a pleasure to see his talent nurtured and how the path of professional bassist and studio teacher has grown. 


Student Results speak for themselves:

  • Proven track record of student success via solo-ensemble, All-Region and All-State

  • Students that excel and have confidence beyond their school ensemble such as youth orchestras, local professional and regional orchestras


Technical Expertise-equally adept at bass techniques

  • German bow, French bow

  • Standing, Seated

  • All tunings

  • Pedagogy based, hierarchal driven instruction


Professional Experience:

  • 17 years of studio teaching experience

  • Bass mentors include Gary Karr and Jeff Bradetich

  • Performing and recording artist with Bassinova Quartet and Bravura Duo

  • Faculty at Austin College

  • Graduate of SMU, University of Victoria, and UNT in Bass Performance


The truth is that you have many choices in selecting a private teacher.  You have to find the balance between your student’s personality, level, and growth in musical skills and making a connection with a teacher.  Whether this is your first foray into private lessons or a change of teacher is needed, I have every confidence that one of those great opportunities will become apparent during your first and subsequent encounters with Daniel Nix.  Bass is the boss and foundation of the orchestra!  Enjoy your musical journey.


Ruth Kurtis

Former Orchestra Director at Berkner High School, Richardson, TX

Founding Orchestra Director of the McKinney Orchestra Program, McKinney, TX

Independent Master Teacher and Consultant to teachers and ensembles in the USA and China