James Ham Solo Bass

My James Ham bass is designed to produce a clear projecting sound while being extremely comfortable to play.  The sloping shoulders, bend back, and smaller neck block make any spot on the fingerboard easy to reach.


Adjustable/Removable Neck

The neck slides along the top of the bass body when using a speical key. Because of the design, this changes the height of the strings without altering the pitch. The neck can also be removed for transportation in flight.  

Ribs and Linings

To resist cracking, the ribs are constructed by vacuum sealing a layer of silk between two pieces of maple veneer. This helps to prevent cracks due to shrinkage.    

Paul Bryant English Orchestra Bass

My Bryant Bass was made in England in 1997. It has a huge body which produces a very loud and resonant sound in the lower register of the instrument. Since we rarely need to play high notes in thumb position in orchestra, the body is not shaped for ergonomic playing in the higher registers but rather designed to create the largest flow of air for the lowest notes.

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