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Praised for having “a lustrous polished tone with graceful phrasing” (New York Times) and “a great lyricism and technical prowess” (Strad Magazine), Daniel Nix has performed in the most prestigious concert halls around the world, namely Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles, the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, and Carnegie Hall in New York. He has worked with legendary artists such as Gary Karr, Ida Haendel, Peter Gabriel, Jens Lindemann and members of the Borodin and Lafayette String Quartets. Nix’s album, Silva Caledonia, featuring music for bass, orchestra and choir by English composer Gavin Bryars, was praised as “stunningly beautiful” (Presto Music). His most recent release, featuring Robert Xavier Rodriguez’s Romance with a Double Bass, is a playful, virtuosic and tender musical setting of the comic short story by Anton Chekhov. He has also been a laureate member of iPalpiti Artists International since 2007, performing worldwide with leading musicians from twenty countries. As a chamber musician, Daniel is a founding member of the Bassinova Quartet and the Bravura Duo. The Bassinova Quartet’s album, Beethoven and Shostakovich Quartets, is the first recording of string quartets performed by a bass quartet. The listening experience has been described as being “blown away by the musicality but more so the technical mastery needed to tackle parts written for violin, viola, and cello.” (The DoubleBass Blog) The Bravura Duo’s video releases, which have received hundreds of thousands of views, “transcend the bass in what you can do with the instrument.” (Jeff Bradetich) 

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