Daniel Nix

Daniel Nix commands attention with grace and virtuosity, earning international praise from critics and audiences for his extraordinary musicality. Acclaimed for possessing "a lustrous polished tone with graceful phrasing" by the New York Times and showcasing "great lyricism and technical prowess" by Strad Magazine, Nix captivates listeners with his emotive performances and impeccable technique.

Nix completed a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, studying with the legendary solo bassist Gary Karr. During this time, Nix also studied extensively with members of the Lafayette String Quartet and the Victoria Symphony. He further refined his skills by completing a Master of Music degree at the University of North Texas, where he studied with master teacher and esteemed bassist Jeff Bradetich and internationally recognized cellist Eugene Osadchy. Additionally, he pursued studies at Southern Methodist University, where he had the privilege of learning from members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

His critically acclaimed debut album, Silva Caledonia, praised as "stunningly beautiful" by Presto Music, showcases Nix’s lyrical playing through enchanting interpretations of works written for him by English composer Gavin Bryars. His recent release, Robert Xavier Rodriguez’s Romance with a Double Bass, commissioned as a gift for Nix, is a playful, virtuosic, and tender musical setting of the comic short story by Anton Chekhov.

To bring the beauty of the double bass to a wider audience, Nix has appeared on television and live radio broadcasts in multiple countries. As principal bass, he has earned accolades for his leadership and musicianship, further establishing his reputation as a distinguished performer.

Nix is not just a soloist but also a collaborator and a founding member of ensembles like the Bravura Duo and the Bassinova Quartet, showcasing his versatility and leadership. As a laureate member of iPalpiti Artists International, an organization that promotes and develops the careers of exceptionally gifted musicians, Nix has performed worldwide with extraordinary talents from twenty countries.

Dedicated to nurturing the next generation of musicians, Nix founded the Nix Double Bass Studio, where he guides students in the North Texas area to prestigious music universities. With a commitment to fostering creativity, discipline, and a deep appreciation for music, he tailors his instruction to each student’s strengths and goals. By providing a supportive and enriching learning environment, Nix empowers his students to unlock their full potential and cultivate a lifelong love for music.

In addition to his work at the Nix Double Bass Studio, Nix has taught at multiple universities, sharing his profound expertise with aspiring musicians. His dedication to the bass community is evident through the masterclasses and workshops he has conducted in multiple countries, inspiring young and college-level bassists worldwide.

When he’s not inspiring the next generation of musicians or performing on stage, Nix can be found refining his own skills at the gym or enjoying quality time with his furry companions—Ginger, Molly, Einstein, and Toby.


In 2009, James Ham meticulously crafted Nix’s bass, which has since become his foremost instrument. Distinguished by an ergonomic design, it facilitates effortless access to every inch of its expansive, nearly three-octave fingerboard. Ham’s ingenuity is showcased in the adjustable neck, allowing seamless adjustment of string height without altering tension. Tuned in fifths (C, G, D, A) — an octave below the cello — this bass resonates with a depth that enriches any musical performance.


Crafted by English luthier Paul Bryant in 1997, Nix’s orchestra bass boasts a robust construction tailored for deep resonance. Its expansive body, specifically engineered to amplify the lower frequencies, delivers a commanding presence in the instruments lower register. While not optimized for ergonomic play in the higher registers, the design prioritizes maximizing airflow for the deepest tones. Tuned to standard orchestral tuning (E, A, D, G), this bass embodies a rich tradition of craftsmanship and sonic depth.

Bravura Duo 1

Bravura Duo, comprising violinist Karolina Radovani and bassist Daniel Nix, stands as a premier violin/bass ensemble renowned for captivating audiences worldwide. Over the years, their exceptional artistry has graced hundreds of occasions, leaving a lasting impression. From its inception, Bravura Duo has cultivated a substantial international following across various media platforms. Their performances and videos consistently captivate music enthusiasts and have been featured on esteemed platforms like Classic FM, Brilliant Musicians, and the Violin Guild, among others. Presently, they’re immersed in exciting projects, including exploring duos for two violins by Charles de Bériot. For further details, visit bravuraduo.com.
Bravura Duo 2
Trio Bravura Duo and pianist Artem Arutyunyan are teaming up to craft mesmerizing performances and recordings of piano trio masterpieces. Current projects include the music of Felix Mendelssohn. Stay tuned for exciting updates! Artem
Check out Artem’s YouTube channel YouTube

Quartet The Bassinova Quartet, comprising bassists Daniel Nix, Aaron Olguin, Mariechen Meyer, and Gustavo Mazon Finessi, soared to global prominence in the classical music world with the release of their debut album, Beethoven and Shostakovich Quartets. Following this success, the quartet embarked on two international tours, culminating in a memorable performance at the ISB (International Society of Bassists) convention in Ithaca, NY. Despite geographical distances, the members have continued their musical journey across four continents, collaborating remotely on captivating recordings. Quartet In a momentous collaboration, the quartet recently joined forces with the legendary solo artist Gary Karr for the release of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Phantasy Quintet. Their remarkable achievements have garnered widespread recognition, with features in esteemed publications and podcasts such as The Violin Channel, The Strad, Double Bass World, Jason Heath’s Contrabass Conversations, and the ISB’s Center Stage.

As Gary Karr beautifully expressed, "I’ve waited my whole life to hear this sound." Experience the exceptional journey with the Bassinova Quartet as they continue to push the boundaries of classical music and captivate audiences worldwide.



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Beau Soir
Claude Debussy
Sonata in D Major, I. Allegretto
Luigi Boccherini
Quartet No. 8, II. Allegro molto
Dmitri Shostakovich
Double Bass Concerto
Gavin Bryars
String Quartet No.1, I.
Edvard Grieg
Pièce en Forme de Habañera
Maurice Ravel
String Quartet No. 11, I.
Ludwig van Beethoven
Trio Sonata No. 1, I.
Giuseppe Tartini


Located near Watters Creek Village and Dallas Strings.

"World Class Instruction for All Players"

The Daniel Nix Bass Studio ranges from beginners to professional level bassists in the North Texas area and across the world via remote lessons. Mr. Nix’s students have gone on to study music in prestigious universities such as the New England Conservatory, McGill University, the Glenn Gould School, and the Juilliard School. His students also compete in international solo competitions such as the Sphinx, ASTA (American String Teachers Association), ISB (International Society of Bassists), and Klein competitions. In addition, students in the studio participate in orchestral competitions such as NYO (National Youth Orchestra), TMEA All-State and All-Region, and perform with the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, Fort Worth Youth Orchestra, Dallas Asian-American Orchestra, the Lone Star Youth Symphony, and the Sherman Symphony Orchestra.

To register for lessons, please contact me using the Contact form.
How does payment work?

Payments are billed monthly and calculated based on the total number of lessons conducted within the month. Invoices will be sent to the registered email address on the first day of each month. Accepted payment methods include cash, check, credit card, PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo. An Auto-Pay option is also available. For information on lesson rates, please contact the instructor directly.

How long and how often are lessons?

Lessons are available in durations of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. Sessions are scheduled once per week, with exceptions made only for adult students upon special request.

Do you have lessons available in the evenings and on weekends?

Lesson slots are available Tuesday through Friday from 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

What type of student should enroll in private lessons with Mr. Nix?

This class is designed for dedicated students of all levels, from beginner to advanced professional, who are committed to practicing the lesson material and valuing the education they receive. In addition to participating in school orchestras and/or youth orchestras, students are expected to take part in All-Region, All-State, Solo and Ensemble competitions, as well as the annual class recital.

What is your process for working with a new student?

Lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. Beginners will be taught using published books and custom selections, alongside any school orchestra music. Advanced students will undergo a technique assessment, with materials assigned to achieve specific technical goals. Music selection is based on a comprehensive syllabus, including but not limited to pieces from the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (PML). With approval, it may also incorporate pieces the student wishes to play. After each lesson, students and parents will receive personalized notes via email, detailing the content covered and assignments for the next lesson.

What is a typical lesson like?

A typical lesson will encompass technical exercises with detailed explanations of each technique and optimal methods for development. These exercises are prescribed based on the individual needs of each student. Scales will also be assigned. Lessons will include descriptions of the specific muscle engagements required for playing to facilitate rapid development of the desired techniques. Solo, chamber, and orchestral music will be studied in-depth, enabling students to achieve both technical proficiency and musical artistry. Additionally, lessons will focus on preparation for auditions, performances, and competitions, as well as providing personal development mentoring to address the career aspirations of the student.

Are students required to bring their own instruments?

Yes, students are required to bring their own instrument, bow, and sheet music to lessons. The bass studio is equipped with essential supplies including an adjustable stool, tuner, metronome, finger tapes, rosin, pencils, highlighters, rosin cloth, and rosin scrubber for student use.

Where do you recommend students rent or purchase instruments?

Dallas Strings stands as the premier instrument establishment in the Dallas metropolitan area.

Do you teach French or German bow?

Instruction is provided for both French bow and German bow techniques. The bass class is evenly divided between these two bow styles. Proper bow hold is a critical consideration and is tailored to each student. Discussions during lessons will address specific physical characteristics that may influence the choice of bow, ensuring the best fit for each student.

Do you teach students to stand or sit?

The bass allows for various postures and playing styles. Students in the class may choose to sit or stand, depending on what works best for them. Correct posture is essential and often requires experimentation. While there is no universal standard among professionals, regional standards for students may vary based on the instructional books used in their schools. Students are guided through different posture options to find the most comfortable and efficient stance, enabling them to perform at their highest potential.

Do you only teach Classical music?

While Nix specializes in Classical bass, lessons also provide exploration across various musical genres, fostering enjoyment and continuous learning opportunities. Even for students primarily interested in Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, or other bass-centric styles, acquiring a classical foundation is advisable. This approach ensures proper technique and minimizes challenges encountered when delving into diverse musical styles. Classical training encompasses fundamental to avant-garde techniques, serving as a robust foundation for further stylistic exploration on the bass.

Do you teach multiple tunings?

Instruction is available in various tuning methods for the bass, including:

  • Standard orchestral tuning (E, A, D, G)
  • Solo tuning (F#, B, E, A)
  • 5ths tuning (C, G, D, A)
  • Viennese tuning (F, A, D, F#, A)
  • High C and E tuning
  • Other scordatura configurations

Additional guidance is provided for students using 5-string basses or extensions. While the bass offers numerous tuning options, standard orchestral tuning is most commonly utilized for orchestra performance.

What is the difference between Bass, Double Bass, String Bass, Upright Bass, Bass Violin, etc.?

Though they share the same physical instrument, the terminology used often provides insight into the style of music being played. During the instrument’s evolution in Europe centuries ago, the "bass voice" in orchestral compositions was originally played by the cello, which falls in size between the bass and the violin. As composers sought a more robust bass presence, the bass began to augment the cello’s notes an octave lower, hence earning the moniker "double bass" within classical circles. "Upright bass" serves to distinguish it from the horizontally-held bass guitar commonly used in non-classical genres. For clarity and simplicity, Nix prefers to use the term "bass."

What education and/or training do you have?

Nix holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees specializing in Bass Performance and Music Education, supplemented by extensive postgraduate study. With over 25 years of professional experience in private bass education and performance, Nix’s expertise has been cultivated under the tutelage of esteemed mentors, including leading bass soloists Gary Karr and Jeff Bradetich, cellist Eugene Osadchy, and members of the Lafayette String Quartet. Moreover, Nix has refined his orchestral skills under the guidance of distinguished members of orchestras such as the Dallas Symphony, Fort Worth Symphony, Victoria Symphony, and the LA Philharmonic.

Why are private lessons important?

Private lessons are essential for students aiming to cultivate proper technique and excel in performances and competitions. This necessity arises from the inherent lack of standardization in the bass. Its multifaceted nature demands a thorough understanding, achievable only through rigorous study. Consider the myriad options available to bass players:

  • Instrument size and shape (e.g., Gamba, Violin, Busetto, Pear), with variations such as 3/4, 5/8, and 7/8 sizes.
  • Posture options including standing and sitting, each with numerous variations.
  • String tuning variations (Orchestra, Solo, 5ths, High C, Viennese, 5-String, Extension).
  • Techniques for both German and French bow styles.
  • Various fingerboard geographic systems (e.g., Simandl, Rabbath).
  • Diverse fingering methodologies (e.g., Simandl, Prunner, Bille, Rabbath, Karr, Petracchi, Bradetich).

Navigating these complexities effectively necessitates the guidance and expertise provided by private instruction, ensuring students acquire the requisite knowledge and skills for mastery of the bass.

How did you get started teaching private bass lessons?

Nix began offering private bass instruction during his high school years, catering to his peers under the recommendation of his orchestra directors at the time.

What level and age of students do you work with?

The Nix Bass Studio is open to students of all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced, aged 9 and above. Instruction encompasses individuals at the elementary, collegiate, and professional tiers.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a private lesson teacher?

It is recommended to conduct comprehensive research on prospective instructors, considering factors such as their professional portfolio, teaching experience, and artistic proficiency.

Before working with a private teacher, what questions should students/parents ask themselves?
  • Is this instructor of exceptional quality?
  • Do they foster student success?
  • Are they esteemed as both a teacher and performer locally, and perhaps even internationally?
  • Are they committed to their students long-term development, serving as dedicated mentors?

If you have any further questions, please contact me by completing the form on my Contact page.

After 7 years as Mr. Nix’s student, I can confidently say he’s faultless as a teacher. His infectious persistence and patience pushed me to become a better bass player than I ever imagined. Mr. Nix always gives his utmost attention and thought to help me improve during lessons. With his strong understanding of bass technique, he provides specific, musically effective suggestions for any piece.

Mr. Nix shares his enthusiasm for music with his students, encouraging us to explore pieces we enjoy rather than sticking to prescribed bass repertoire. This contributed to my love for classical music.

Ishaan Roy, student

When Covid hit in March ’20, my son stopped lessons with his previous teacher and lost interest in playing the bass. When school resumed in fall ’20, we debated whether he should continue orchestra. Discovering Daniel's website with his impressive credentials, we decided to restart lessons "just to get through school." Initially worried that my son’s limited musicality might deter Daniel, I'm relieved to see my concerns were unfounded. Daniel is incredibly accommodating, patient, and encouraging, as my son attests. He even incorporates music theory when my son shows interest. This demonstrates his genuine care for his students.
Under Daniel’s guidance, my son not only made it into the top-tier Chamber Orchestra at his high school but also secured a spot in the highly competitive All Region Symphony Orchestra! On the administrative side, Daniel simplifies payment (online options or check) and sends helpful lesson reminders. I appreciate his dedication to teaching and the administrative support that makes my life easier. My only regret is not finding him sooner.

Shirley Ma, parent

Mr. Nix is an excellent teacher who radically changed my approach to the bass. Learning with him held me to a higher standard of playing and work ethic, and I wouldn't have gotten into Baylor’s Bass Studio without his help. Mr. Nix has a way of diagnosing technical, motivational, and mental roadblocks and addressing them effortlessly. There was never a lack of challenge or inspiration with him. Even as I return from university on breaks, I will continue to take lessons with him because there is still so much I can learn.

David Folks, student

Daniel Nix is an outgoing and prestigious teacher. He pushes his students because he sees potential and aims for progress in every lesson. While strict, he is also friendly and open, creating comfortable and fruitful sessions. To benefit from lessons with this highly regarded professional bassist, remember to keep up with practice!

Aidan Driscoll, student

Daniel Nix is a talented bassist and a gifted teacher. Both of my children are his students. Daniel has shaped my older child’s musicality, leading to great success in middle school All-Region Chamber Orchestras. He has truly fostered my son’s passion for music, and we can’t thank him enough! Daniel is also wonderful with younger students, making lessons engaging and enjoyable for my elementary-aged child. My children have a great rapport with their bass teacher.

Esther Rutham, parent

Daniel has been instrumental in providing the guidance our son needed to excel on the double bass. His patience and commitment have been invaluable, helping my son achieve his goals. It is well worth the weekly 50-minute drive to come to bass lessons.

Desiree Malapitan, parent

I’ve been studying with Daniel Nix for three and a half years, and he is an amazing teacher! He constantly pushes me to be the best player I can be, exposing me to new opportunities like state competitions and out-of-school orchestras, and preparing me for auditions. Under his guidance, I’ve seen myself grow as a bassist. With Daniel’s help, I’ll be entering my third year as a GDYO musician, and I know I’ll continue to improve with his private lessons. Mr. Nix is also an incredible bassist. Every time I hear him play, I feel grateful to study under such a talented musician.

Aiyanna Armstrong, student

Amazing string bass teacher - superb student motivator and extraordinary player himself. He was a former student in my MS orchestra program in Richardson ISD, and after moving on to HS, and then on to university, he would come back to my school and teach my MS bassists. He’s been teaching for many years with consistent stellar results. I know when I have a student studying with him, they will progress technically very rapidly and the best part - the tone quality he is able to get from his students is so very mature and gorgeous. Not only is he a top-notch teacher, and player, he is kind, supportive, and very encouraging to his students. If you are lucky enough to study bass with Daniel Nix, you will reach your potential and then some.

Angie Cimbalo, Orchestra Director

Daniel has helped our son improve so much with his instrument over the last year. We couldn’t be happier with his progress. Daniel is not only knowledgeable but also courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend him!

Evie Reyes, parent

Awesome experience taking lessons from Daniel! He is very professional and definitely knows his stuff. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to receive bass lessons from a true master of the instrument.

Tyler Francis, student

Daniel is not only a wonderful instructor who basically lives and breathes music, but he is also an incredibly humble, warm person that takes all of the potential nervousness of playing in front of a master musician and throws it right out the window. No matter how much, or little, experience you have, students will always feel comfortable with him, I assure you.

My case is a bit different from most. I started bass lessons with Daniel MUCH later than most people (often children) start lessons (I’m middle-aged), but that didn’t slow Daniel down at all. Despite being older, I decided that I was worth investing in, and I’m so happy I did! It is truly never too late to start.

I simply cannot recommend Daniel Nix highly enough for people of all ages interested in learning the double bass. As others have said, he’s not just an exceptionally gifted instructor; he also goes out of his way to make sure that he and his students are friends, partners together in the journey of learning. You won’t regret getting yourself or your children started with him. You’ll just wish you had started sooner!

Luke Whitmire, student

Daniel Nix is more than a bass teacher; he is a mentor, friend, and champion for his students. I started lessons with him as an unconfident and average bass player, but after taking lessons throughout high school, I am now confident in my skills and have achieved more than I could’ve imagined. I have even decided to pursue a music major at SMU. My growth as a musician is directly linked to the time and effort he invested in me, demonstrating his dedication to his students.

Mr. Nix takes the time to understand his students’ goals and ensures they are attained while pushing them beyond their potential. Early in my lessons, I told him I wanted to do pre-med in college while continuing my music in some capacity. He never let my goal deter him from pushing me to be a top musician in North Texas. Thanks to his persistence, my achievements as a three-year All-Stater and five-year GDYO musician have made me eligible for many scholarships. I will be majoring in Music Therapy with a pre-med track, thanks to his advice and focus.

I’m very thankful for the wonderful experience and growth I’ve had with Mr. Nix as my teacher. I have full confidence that his students will excel, which he has proven repeatedly. Anyone who studies with him will see that his patience and determination for his students’ success are second to none, and they will achieve more than they imagined.

Cela Patras, student

Daniel Nix was my first Double Bass teacher in 2010, and his impact on my career has been critical ever since. From that first lesson, he pushed me to be a better bassist, musician, and person. A musician’s first teacher is crucial because they teach you how to play and to love the instrument. Mr. Nix did this by making lessons challenging and fun. He was always understanding and supported me through tough times. I wouldn’t have made it into Southern Methodist University’s music program without him. If you’re looking for a teacher for yourself or your child, look no further—he is truly the best!

Eric Wise, student

We started lessons with Daniel Nix after Cela’s previous teacher moved when she finished 7th grade. Despite spending three months in India that year, Daniel helped Cela catch up without pressuring her, making lessons educational and enjoyable. In high school, during the stressful International Baccalaureate program, bass lessons became a weekly highlight for Cela. She looked forward to relaxing and learning with Daniel, and often shared her excitement afterward. Under Daniel’s guidance, Cela excelled, making All-Region each year and All-State for three consecutive years. She also played with the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra and the Stonebriar Community Church orchestra. We are grateful to Daniel for fostering both excellence and a love for the bass in Cela.

Shalini Patras, parent

Daniel is an exceptionally gifted and accomplished world-class bassist whose virtuosic playing is widely sought after by collaborators and students alike. As founding artistic director of the Dallas Chamber Choir, I have collaborated with Daniel on a number of projects, notably our first professional commercial recording of Mozart Requiem with chamber orchestra and choir, available on all music streaming platforms, and a number of live performances, most notable was the 2019 Texas Choral Directors Association convention in San Antonio, TX. Serious students would benefit greatly from Daniel's expert command of the double bass and his passion for teaching, mentoring, and performing.

Jon Culpepper, Artistic Director, Dallas Chamber Choir

Daniel strikes a perfect balance of performer and teacher, which is crucial in molding and guiding young talent by example. He is determined in instilling a competitive spirit and skill in his students, by strongly encouraging their participation in various Region and State events.
One of the best musicians I have encountered, it is my pleasure to collaborate with Daniel regularly, because of his meticulous and thorough approach in all musical matters.

Karolina Radovani, violinist


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